MTC President Jawad Al Motawa

Dear clients and visitors,

Welcome to the web site of Al Motawa Trading Company Ltd. (MTC). Hereby I am so proud to introduce MTC as a leading trader (marketing & distribution) and contractor in the industry of household major electrical and electronic appliances including Air Conditioners. Relying on our well known management credibility, the company has been enjoying ultimate loyalty of its institutional and individual clients since its incorporation in 1972. Also, due to the extensive knowledge and experience of its management, local and international supplying manufacturers have always been relying on the company’s advice in developing and featuring their products to satisfy the customer’s variable needs and tastes.

Jawad Al Motawa

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The company’s business policy has been based on establishing and maintaining long lasting favorable relations with the clients. MTC has been well known nationwide for its reliability, credibility, top of the line products availability through its largest Show Rooms in their regions, lowest possible prices, and excellent services warranty. Such unparalleled advantages over our competitors gave our company a leading position in this business industry. Thanks for our clients and suppliers alike and we are really grateful for their contribution in our growth. Mr. Jawad Al Motawa, Al Motawa Trading Company Ltd.'s Chairman, holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (MBA). He was previously the Municipality Chief of Al Mubaraz and the very first distributor of electrical appliances in Al Hassa city.

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