It's time to think about getting the most from your air conditioner this summer. a combination of professional and homeowner maintenance for the AC unit will keep costs and energy use down.

All air conditioners and heat pumps require regular maintenance to perform at peak efficiency. We recommend our maintenance service 1 -2 times per year. Fill below form to submit request.


    Air Conditioning / Refrigeration

    •  Clean Condensor Coil
    •  Adjust blower components
    •  Adjust operating pressures for proper refrigerant
    •  Calibrate thermostat
    •  Inspect safety controls where applicable
    •  Tighten all electrical connections
    •  Verify Voltage and amperage on motors.
    •  Clean condensate drain
    •  Change air filters
    •  Lubricate all moving parts where necessary
    •  Adjust air flow
    •  Adjust starting capabilities


    •  Adjust and calibrate thermostat heating anticipators
    •  Inspect automatic blower control
    •  Oil and check the fan motor bearings
    •  Clean pilot light tubing and pilot (if possible)
    •  Safety and efficiency check of low voltage wiring
    •  Adjust fan limit control switch
    •  Inspect electric shut-off valve
    •  Oil and check blower bearings
    •  Change furnace filter
    •  Adjust fan on-off control and set differential
    •  Check transformer's output
    •  Clean thermostat contacts if necessary

    Product and Services

    Free Door to Door Delivery via mass number of delivery trucks.
    Installation and Maintenance of high tech devices by our well-trained and specialized work team.
    Free Technical Consultations like Heat Load calculation, Water measurement, etc. to help you decide what products to buy.
    Installment payment service with flexible terms and without complication.
    We, Al-Motawa Trading Co. Ltd. supplier and contractor which is established 40 years ago with present Head Office in Dammam, and many Branches throughout the Eastern Province ( Dammam, Hasa, Khobar, Jubail & Qateef ) in Saudi Arabia. Our back ground in the concerned field is very satisfactory in all the respect either in services, sufficient qualified staffs or in financial status. We can supply & install the followings:-

    Sales Policies

    MTC and Homy is very distinguished from other distributors by having
    Continuous Promotions throughout the year.
    Longer working hours, 12 hours daily, 7 days a week.
    Fast delivery and Installation services.
    In addition, we have sufficient qualified technical and non technical staffs who can perform the jobs upon the contract with quite satisfactory manner & provide all kinds of maintenance services with necessary parts / accessories on your contacts .

    Air Condition and Home Appliances

    • Fans
    • Window Type Air Condition
    • Split
    • Centralized Air Condition
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Washing Machine
    • Dryer Machine
    • Cookers
    • Food Merchandiser
    • Other

    Telecommunication and Electronic

    • Central Telephone
    • Security System
    • Fire alarm System
    • Computers and Laptops
    • Fax/Copy Machine/Printers
    • Phones/Mobile/Tablet/MP3/MP4
    • TV - Video & Audio
    • Other

    Water Technology Equipment’s

    • Water Purifier
    • Softener
    • Water Coolers
    • Water Heaters
    • Other

    Electrical Materials and Supply

    • Transformers
    • Switch Gear
    • Circuit Breaker
    • Wires and Cables
    • Dist. Panel
    • Kwh Meters
    • Electrical Accessories
    • Other Electrical Related


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