Strategic Planning

The outstanding performances and the successful achievements for the past 40 years did not just happen by accident, but thru professional corporate planning. The corporate strategy is to get all employees to commit to the Primary Goal of the company by dividing the work and distributing it to the Departments. All the employees also contribute to the strategic execution of the company's primary goal by achieving their own corresponding project targets which encourages healthy competition and teamwork.

Vision: Pioneer in consumer electronics around the kingdom

Mission: Retailing and distributing quality consumer electronics with the highest customer satisfaction standards

Strategic Goal 2014-2020

  • Expand market share in all Saudi Regions
  • Meet the highest customer standards
  • Incorporate strategic partnership with all stakholders
  • Enhance total quality management
  • Committing to the social responsibilities
  • MTC Corporate Values
  • Pioneering is our Vision
  • Quality & Customer Satisfaction our Mission
  • Success is our Purpose
  • Positivity is our Language
  • Strategic Partnership is our Relation
  • Effectiveness is our Measure
  • Being Pro-Active is our Secret
  • Honesty is our Honor
  • Cooperation is our Behavior
  • Organizing is our Style
  • Competitive Edge
  1. Our corporate structure enables us to better reach out to customers and satisfy their differing demands. Aside from our Retail arm, we also boast of a Wholesale Department. With this, we have the ability and manpower to cater broader business needs.
  2. Aside from the multitude of awards received during the years, MTC has recently been awarded the Saudi Fast Growth Award. This award is only given out to companies who have made an enormous impact on employment and on the economy at large. A testament of MTC being a leading innovator and indicator of competitiveness in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Customer-Service oriented. MTC has always been synonymous with high standard of customer service.
  4. Sound financial management.
  5. Deep kinship with our suppliers both locally and abroad.
  6. Strategically placed branches all over the Eastern Region.
  7. Continuous showroom expansion.
  8. More than 40 years of competitive experience and a highly respected reputation all over the Kingdom.
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