History takes us back in the year of 1972 when Mr. Jawad Al Motawa leased a small office and show room in Al-Ahsa City. From there Mr. Al Motawa started operating as a retail distributor of a few major household appliances and electronic equipment’s. He named the business Al Motawa Trading Establishment (MTE) Utilizing his background education, experience and business management ability Mr. Al Motawa was able to secure his very first merchandise from local electronics wholesalers, assuring enough of the company’s inventory to get started.

Consequently, the establishment was officially in business and customers started to pour in progressively every day. From then on, the company has cut through numerous challenges and hurdles, nevertheless, emerged stronger each day with every new knowledge and experiences. In the following years, the company broadened its scope of operation by opening up additional show rooms throughout the Eastern Region.

This placed MTE as a major distributor of electrical equipment’s and home appliances in the regional market particularly in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to further improve both the quality and price of its merchandise, MTE started establishing its own importation network from neighboring Persian Gulf States, and later, from other countries all over the world, in addition to the local suppliers, bearing internationally-acclaimed brands from the United States of America (USA), Italy, Japan, UAE, Korea, Germany and other countries.

At that time, seeing the extent of the company’s operation continually growing and the need to cope up with the dynamically changing market, MTE was transformed into Al Motawa Trading Company Ltd. (MTC) in 1999 which gave the company the privilege to operate in a much larger scale and a share of even a greater portion of the household electrical and electronics appliances business.

The transition from an establishment into a company made Mr. Jawad Al Motawa MTC’s Chairman and his son, Mr. Naim Al Motawa, as the General Manager. As a result of this event, series of expansion programs were put into gear which included setting up additional showrooms in strategically selected locations, increasing the sales markup, leveraging sales through effective and new means of marketing and promotional schemes, hiring of additional and highly-specialized employees, reorganizing the internal organization of departments including the delegation of specific job responsibilities to each personnel, implementation of the company’s Electronic Data Processing (EDP) system and such.

Today, Al Motawa Trading Company Ltd. is proud to be the leading distributor of major electronics and electrical appliances and equipment’s in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is evident with hundreds of awards MTC has gained within the span of almost 40 years of its operation including the Best Distributor of Electronic Equipment’s in terms of sales and service excellence for several years throughout the whole KSA. Presently, Al Motawa Trading Company Ltd. operates 2 offices, 3 warehouses and 13 showrooms including the 2 newly-established Homy Electronics Mega Store (King Abdulaziz, Dammam and Al Hassa which are  open its doors to its customers on the first half of 2008.

The Homy Electronics Mega Store is named after MTC’s flagship brand, Homy the company’s trademark for its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product line released in 2005.

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