• MTE was founded in 1972.
  • MTE Founder is Mr. Jawad M. Al Motawa
  • MTE was the first distributor of Electrical Appliances in Al-Hassa City.
  • MTE became a limited liability company (MTC) in 1999.
  • MTC owns Winner products. Winner was registered as trademark in 2007.
  • MTC owns Homy Electronic Mega Stores.
  • MTC employs 200 male & female staff members.
  • MTC ranked #24 in the Saudi Fast Growth Award Competition 2001, sponsored by SAGIA.
  • MTC maintains wholesale distribution channels of 400 clients and resellers.
  • MTC operates 2 regional management offices in Al-Hassa and Dammam.
  • MTC operates 13 conventional stores and 2 Mega Stores strategically spread out around the eastern region.
  • MTC operates 3 warehouses in Al-Hassa, Dammam, and Jubail.
  • MTC operates 3 Services Center in Al-Hassa, Dammam, and Jubail.
  • MTC operates 1 E commerce Solution named Homy Online (https://homyonline.com) Homy Online more offers. Homy Online accept payment via VISA Card, SADAD and COD. We offer high volume to purchase for free shipping.
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